Other regions in Portugal

Want to explore other areas of Portugal? The Alentejo, the Algarve, Oporto, the Douro Valley? Just tell us where and let us guide you there.


Special for families

Do you want to explore a region in Portugal with your family? Are you bringing children with you?

We can design and organize a tour that will please everyone in the family. With fun features and details that will keep your children happy and entertained during the walk, ex. Scavenger Hunts, games, children appealing local sites, story telling...

Happy children, happy parents...

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Once upon a time, there was an enchanted forest...

Enjoy a pleasant and invigorating hike as you listen to fascinating local legends and myths. What a nice way to get acquainted with a new region...

Set your senses and your imagination free during this unique journey. Perfect for families!

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Nature Awareness

Want to have a deep and intense experience in contact with nature?

Nature awareness hikes allow you to connect deeper with nature and as a consequence with yourself.

We’ll play some fun and interesting games to stimulate our senses as well as learning about nature. Ex. walking barefoot, walking blindfold, animal mimic and so on.

Let the wisdom of nature guide you...

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Connect with your inner self in the midst of the wilderness.

A hike with meditation, yoga or chi-kung will let you escape into a world of peace and calm.

Breathe the pure air, move with the rhythm of the wind and let your senses explode...

Perfect for a group of friends or companies.

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